Used Forklifts for Sale

Welcome to Bay City Forklift, your premier destination for high-quality used forklifts in the Tampa area. With years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of reliable and well-maintained forklifts to meet your business needs.

Whether you’re looking to expand your fleet or replace an existing forklift, our inventory has something for every budget and requirement. Explore our selection online or visit our showroom to see our forklifts up close.

Trust Bay City Forklift for exceptional service and top-notch equipment for all your material handling needs.

What Brand Are You Looking For?

Some of the most common used forklift brands include:


    • Toyota: Known for their durability and reliability, Toyota forklifts are popular in various industries.
    • Hyster: Hyster offers a wide range of forklifts known for their strength and performance.
    • Yale: Yale forklifts are known for their innovative design and ergonomic features.
    • Crown: Crown forklifts are popular for their efficiency and advanced technology.
    • Caterpillar (CAT): Caterpillar forklifts are known for their rugged construction and long lifespan.
    • Komatsu: Komatsu forklifts are recognized for their quality and performance.
    • Nissan: Nissan forklifts are known for their value and reliability.
    • Mitsubishi: Mitsubishi forklifts are known for their durability and low maintenance costs.


These brands offer a variety of forklift types and models to suit different applications and budgets, making them popular choices in the used forklift market.


Do Our Forklifts Include a Warranty?

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All Inventory is Inspected

At Bay City Forklift, we take pride in ensuring that every used forklift in our inventory meets the highest standards of quality and safety before it is offered for sale.

Each forklift undergoes a rigorous inspection process conducted by our team of experienced technicians. This inspection includes a thorough examination of the forklift’s mechanical components, such as the engine, transmission, brakes, and steering, as well as its structural integrity.

We also check the forklift’s electrical system, hydraulics, and safety features to ensure they are in proper working order. Only after passing this comprehensive inspection is a used forklift deemed ready for sale, providing our customers with confidence in the reliability and performance of their purchase.

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